So You Want Create Your Own IDWIL Video...

I know that you are up for it (and let me just say that I love you for jumping in!) You've watched videos on the site and thought "I want to answer some of those questions!" Well, friend, let's do this! In an attempt to be open, yet maintain certain standards, we need to have some ground rules.

Here are some basic downloadable guides to help you make a great IDWIL video:

  • Basic Rules [PDF]
  • Talking Points to Get You Started [PDF]

If you fall under the "I've got it, I've got it - I'm not going to do anything tasteless or disrespectful - I just want to do a quick an easy video to help the community and inspire other people -- I even know what I want to say" category, then here are the basics to makes getting your video onto the site painless"

  • Yes, an iPhone or similar phone video camera is sufficient - HD quality is ideal, but your message is most important.
  • Please shoot your video in landscape mode (so, wide, not 'up and down') 
  • Get some decent lighting - we want to see your beautiful face, not your silhouette!
  • Audio is very important, so try to find a quiet place (you can stand watching a fuzzy video with great sound better than a sharp video with bad sound, right?) 
  • Please don't use our logo 
  • Try not to refer to the date, year, location if possible - these videos are meant to be timeless
  • Similarly, if you can avoid using business names, please do so - you may not be with the same company years from now

Want to add IDWIL graphics?

Click here to browse for downloadable video files that you can insert into your IDWIL videos using your own video editing software (examples: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker)