IDWIL is About the "Backstory"...

therefore, it is only appropriate that, along with get the What and How of it all, you get the Why.

IDWIL began as a new father’s desire to create a resource for his children. “If I can’t know what my daughters will be ‘in to’ 10-20 years from now…’ he thought, “how can I still provide them helpful and realistic information to help them when they come to a time where they have to decide ‘what they want to be when they grow up.’” He started by volunteering an hour or two per month to talk to local high school students. With no intent to recruit other graphic designers, he described his job, his daily activities in that career, the education it took to get to where he was, but most importantly the things he loved to do when he was in high school and in his free time as an adult. You see, these are the qualities that resonate with people, regardless of age. All this was done to merely expose 14-18 year olds that the job ‘graphic designer’ existed, and if any of this sounded interesting to them, then it could be worth looking into. One voice to provide exposure could change lives, but thousands of voices could be world changing. Poetry SLAM champion Marshall Jones, in casual conversation, noted that interviewing people who loved their loves - that could provide a healthy perspective on their chosen career - could accomplish this. “Oh,” Marshall added, “and at the end of the interview, you have them say their name, their job, and say ‘I Do What I Love.’ That’s your hook.”