You can be anything you want to be!


If I tell my daughters that they can be anything they want to be in this world, am I helping them or hurting them? Of course, the obvious answer is that I am helping them - it helps them build self-confidence and understand that hard work, natural talent, and even a little luck can get them to places that they can’t even imagine. That covers the ‘becoming anything they want’ part.  However, let’s not gloss over the “anything they want to be” part.  I don’t say this to add limits; I say this because just saying “anything they want to be” is almost paralyzing in that it is so vague.

Project:IDWIL is my tool to help bridge that gap - to bring some context to that vagueness.  I want to take that extra step to say “Mia and Lola, you can be anything you want to be in this world.  And to help you along, here is a collection of stories of people talking about what they love to do - what they decided that they wanted to be in this world. You don’t have to copy them and you may not care about some of them, but if there is even one that inspires you - that clicks with you, then let’s listen to what they have to say and try to figure out why you connect with him/her. From there, we can start to learn more about what s/he was talking about.”

If it just happens that this tool is something that also helps other people, regardless of age or station in life, then that would be about the best icing on a cake EVER!

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