Inspired by Everyday Life


Click here for This American Life:24 Hours at the Golden Apple

Okay, so I am fascinated by stories - more specifically, the over-looked fact that everybody has a story or multiple stories. I talk about this in my Project:IDWIL talk. I talk about it in blogs. I talk about it with friends. I think about it as I listen to podcasts that revolve around the idea. NPR’s show This American Life is one of those podcasts I listen to, and it often fulfills that interest I have. However, this morning, Ira Glass’ podcast blew me away - interested me to the point of euphoria! The idea for the story was simple: have the show’s staff interview everyone in The Golden Apple, a 24-hour restaurant in Chicago, for 24 hours. They were sure to meet some characters, hear some extraordinary stories as well everyday stories. I loved this show.  I would recommend it to anyone, but I also understand that not everyone with react nearly as excitedly as I do.  I love finding hidden gems; but more true to my interests, I love finding inspiration in what could easily be considered ‘ordinary.’

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