Kid Logic

Once again, a +NPR 's This American Life podcast proved to be entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

Not too long ago, I posted about how perfectly aligned an episode of This American Life was to Project:IDWIL stuff. This new one will be a good one for reader participation, so if you would please leave a comment below or on the Facebook or G+ post that originally lead you here, I'd love to garner your thoughts and stories. I suggest you take a listen, but if you don't have time right now, the lead story is about a girl that woke up during a visit from the tooth fairy. She told her friend about it and they, together, concluded the obvious: the first girl's dad, Ronnie Loberfeld, was the tooth fairy, and they both were special in that they were the only ones that knew.

"Stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments, and arriving at perfectly wrong conclusions."

What are some stories that you remember from your past that follow these themes? Or maybe you have kids that have an exceptional stories like this. I'd prefer your stories because it is another fascinating thing to think about how these stories have stuck with us - have actually been part of who we have become.

So, in rural Mascoutah, IL, one of the field trips we took in Mrs. Marietta's kindergarten class was to the Kruse (kroo'-zee) farm just west of town. One of the many things we came across during our "tour" was the old stone well in the center of the farm. Due to my misinterpretation of some explanation like "...we lower the bucket down into the ground for water...you see, there is a big well down under the ground," I heard it as that there was "a big whale down under the ground." Needless to say it may have hindered my true understanding of what a well actually is, but it made for some great visualizations! Seriously, in a small town like that, you can't help but drive by that farm thousands of times in your life. For the longest time, I just pictured this big cartoon-like whale hanging out, waiting for the bucket to come down so that he would use his blow-hole to spurt some water into the bucket for the people up above ground. I don't know when I finally understood the whole well/whale thing, but it must have gone on for a long time because it is not only easy for me to tell this story, but it is quite easy for me to be taken back to this story every once in awhile when I drive by that farm.

Perhaps not a standard +Project:IDWIL post, but one/some of the mosaic pieces of IDWIL are about telling stories,the fact that everyone has a story, and connecting people through stories.

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