What My Friends Think I Do....

Okay, so I got the bug today. The bug that said, "you need to start populating Project:IDWIL with the video that you talk about!" True. True. I will have one up by the end of the week. More importantly, I decided that I just need to start interviewing people guerrilla style - getting some real content to work with. In the end, people would like higher-production, but they don't need it if the content is solid and memorable, right? Think of it like this: when you think of an older movie that you really love, you don't remember that it wasn't in HD right? If you watched it now, you might think that is looks nicer in HD, but it wasn't even a factor when you just thought about the story or the characters that resonated with you so much.

Okay, so step 1 - be bolder about "going out there and getting interviews."  CHECK! As I started thinking about how to do this in an efficient manner, I decided that I need to have some standard go-to questions - the tricky part will be how to enhance the uniqueness of each individual's story, but have a common IDWIL theme come through. As I was thinking about some quick yet valuable questions, one of the pictures that popped into my head was one of those 6-pack images that were popular about a year or two ago, the "what my friends, mom, society, boss, I think I do vs. what I actually do." (like the one below).

idwil_what my friends.jpg

This type of image popped up, because I think that one thing that I would like to draw out of the interviewees is to allow them to showcase why they love what they do as well as debunk any misconceptions that people may have. I realize it isn't a perfect analogy, but hey, it's what popped in my head!

What do you think?

I'll take input on what kinds of questions you would like people to answer during a quick and casual "IDWIL Interview."