Infographic on Career Outlook

So, having interests in both graphic design and new media and living in this day and age means that infographics are right up my alley. I found the one below on visual.ly, a website devoted to telling stories with data. Obviously, the simple graphic relates to Project:IDWIL, and I think we see both some good things being done as well as some things to improve. First of all, it looks nice, right? The information is communicated pretty effectively, and I can make my way around the information pretty easily. The set of icons just below the header are really what drew my attention in because the viewer is initially given some generic qualities and interests. With those set, you can quickly interpret some of the innate qualities of the careers that are listed later.

Unfortunately, my hopes of what the infographic would be before I looked over the entire thing outweighed what I took away from it. Mainly, the information just seems limited – there are relatively few careers provided, and data sets such as "satisfaction"  don't really have any reference for me to go off of. And at the bottom, there is an interesting touch of showing some public figures along with their college major, but I don't understand what the intent is other than providing a "hmm" reaction.

Of course, I can't be too critical because I appreciate the fact that this was even made. But you all probably understand that any time I come across something that is in line with Project:IDWIL stuff, I get a little excited. Maybe it's time for me to make my own infographic!