Personal Passion Archeaologist

flickr creative commons:  Grand Canyon NPS

flickr creative commons: Grand Canyon NPS

Maybe the title "Personal Passion Archeaologist" doesn't quite do my thoughts justice, but I had this image the other day when I was talking about IDWIL. Think about someone who is not a middle, high school, or college student - someone who maybe already down a career path that isn't "DWIL," but pays the bills. She (I just like to pick a gender and roll with it instead of going he/she the whole post!) undoubtedly had things that she was whole-heartedly passionate about when she was a kid. But life piles stuff on top of those passions over time. 

IDWIL may not change her life by inspiring her to leave her job and start over (though that could happen), but what it could do is help her rediscover those things in her life that she was once REALLY excited about. Perhaps instead of figuring out how to turn that into a job, she can figure out how to fold that passion in an hour here, an hour there. Reuniting with those feelings will feel great - maybe even rekindle that flame that once burned so intensely. The result doesn't need to be a change in career, but a rebuilding of her spirit. Now that is the type of thing that feels great on its own, but could very well be a foundation from which even greater changes sprout. 

I was totally winging this post - felt like I needed to refocus my intentions on IDWIL -and I totally got my self inspired! Is that allowed? (yes, yes it is.)