St Louis StartUp Connection and Venture Showcase


 Lights, camera, action!

So I guess no matter how much I may have denied it in the past, I actually have to fess up and call myself an entrepreneur. Before, I was "just a guy" or "the creator of a cool idea." I am finally more comfortable taking on the role of "business founder."

A couple of months ago, I entered a project it will into the ideaBounce® competition put on by Washington University's Skandalaris Center. Since I was considered one of the top five pitchers, I won a cash price and a lunch with the judges, who were all great sources for mentor ship. When I signed up for idea bounce I had also signed up for another competition called St. Louis StartUp Connection and Venture Showcase — sponsored by IVMS a mentor in group in St. Louis. I knew that there were some pretty well-established startups applying for the 60 or so spots, but I at least wanted to fill out the application as a continuing effort to hone IDWIL's message. With the success of ideaBounce®, I had honestly forgotten about this other application. But a few weeks ago I got the email saying that project it will had been selected to participate!

So I am excited to say that next week I will have the opportunity to pitch Project:IDWIL, set up a table amongst my St. Louis startup peers, and hopefully get some great exposure and meet some amazing people. The pitch part I have done, but - holy cow - in this arena I only get 90 seconds! (what?!) I have no doubt that the experience at ideaBounce® as well as the time I've had to discuss it will with other advocates will allow me to do well in that short amount of time. I am most excited about the leaps forward that Project:IDWIL has made even since that ideaBounce® two months ago. Namely, the increased number of videos in the end will catalog and the progress being made to develop the assessment tools that will eventually allow viewers to be directed to the end will videos that are most suitable to them. But, more on that later…

If you are in the St. Louis area next week, think about attending the StartUp Connection and Venture Showcase at the St. Louis Science Center on Thursday, October 3 from 4 PM to 8:30 PM. If you would like the agenda for the on stage pitching, let me know and I can send you the PDF. (BTW, I pitch at 4:55 PM). Aside from the pitching, you will get to meet and learn more about 60 of the up-and-coming startups in the St. Louis area as well as meet investors, entrepreneurs, and generally pretty cool people.

Wish me luck - in person!