Welcome, Panthers!

Last winter, a guidance counselor from the freshman center at O'Fallon Township High School in Illinois contacted me about the potential to use IDWIL as a resource for her students.

Admittedly, I haven't kept the site as updated as I would have liked. However, it was originally designed as a project I could build over time so that my daughters might be able to use it for information years from now, so looking at it now, I am confident that the information is still of value.

So welcome, Panthers! It is my honor to be of some help. You have to realize that there are tons of adults out there that want you to succeed in whatever you choose to do. Since everyone of you is different, then it is difficult to know what to provide you and how to do so. This site is just one resource. The idea is that when you click on videos, you'll learn about jobs. There is a twist - I've tried my best to highlight voices of people that can give you an idea of what a certain job is like but also explain why they, as an individual, match up with that job so well. When I talked to people about careers IRL, I figure I can look up the details about a job description online. But that is not inspiring. I want to see if I can relate to the PEOPLE talking about the job, right?

I hope you find some avenues that interest you. It is up to you to do a little research and find out:

  1. if your interest in a career field continues, and
  2. how you can bring your values/talents/passion/skills to that type of job.

So, yes, if you want this to work correctly, you'll need to put more time into it. But when it comes to stuff that inspires you, it isn't work - it's your life. You've gone through years of school and you'll have more, but you need to understand that you have the ability to design the life that you want. No one ever told me that. When I went to school, there were paths and electives, but it still felt like one of those video games that are 'on rails' like old school Mario. When, in reality, it's more like Minecraft or No Man's Sky The thing is, you're going to have to take some initiative. My hope, with IDWIL, is that you get some ideas or get pointed into a direction where you can then start taking those steps. You can look ahead for others that can help you, but you can also start being a trailblazer and innovating! Explore, revisit, leave comments, and share! with friends and family! I will work on getting more videos up.