Learn Something New


I found a cool site that is not only +Project:IDWIL friendly, it is just dang cool and fun. +Udemy is a site I've known about for awhile, but am finally just taking advantage of. In the end, whether my use of Udemy ("you-to-me") to find online courses/workshops to support the stuff I need for work or if it is something I am just slightly interested in, it is just great that I can grow a little. The current course I am taking is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - one of those things I kind of knew about and thought, "yeah, I should understand that better sometime." But, halfway through, I am astonished at how the information is great for inspiring me in other ways.

For example, as I develop Project:IDWIL, I am always refining how to describe what it is. 

So how has a course on SEO helped?

Some of the basics of SEO is understanding how to use keyword searches in order to optimize your website. As I did this as an exercise, I was elated to see how easy it was to type out phrases of the things people that IDWIL can help are looking for - incredibly helpful as I formulate my 'why' and try to best filter down my ideal audience from the much too lofty market of 'everyone.'

Whether you use Udemy, Codecademy, Lynda.com, or some other great resources, learning something new can be an amazing experience - often in ways you wouldn't have expected.

Additionally, I have been taking some classes at Skillshare.com on blogging to create a community and visual storytelling using Final Cut Pro X, both of which have been extremely positive experiences for me.

You just never know what will spark inspiration - for me, this is true of learning; for a future beneficiary of IDWIL, it will be true of finding the perfect career for him/her! 

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