What Career is Right for Me?

I love viewing this blog and any similar extensions of +Project:IDWIL as mosaic pieces of the bigger picture that can't easily be described. Sometimes, however, I need to be a bit more focused on what this is all about: helping people answer the question "what career is right for me?" I was reading Annie Favreau's post on brazencareerist.com today, and it was one of those great posts that then sent me down a rabbit hole of IDWL goodness. She had a great link on there that introduced me to +Inside Jobs and their great career finding tool, which lead me to check out their stuff on G+, twitter, and facebook. All great stuff.

insidejobs.com's tool for career discovery

insidejobs.com's tool for career discovery

Insidejobs.com has a great tool for finding potential careers

Ms. Favreau broke down the issue of choosing the right career into three initial problems: not enough information, not knowing what you want, and not being able to make a decision. I love that she tackles this stuff. How often do we send our young adults out to grow into young professionals with inadequate information? She provides some great places to start - one of which is the site I mentioned earlier: insidejobs.com. What is the first thing that the site does? Is gives you drop down menus of general things that you 1) are interested in and 2) have an aptitude for. From there, it provides some great ideas of job titles and descriptions that are suitable for your choices. It is a great tool worth exploring.

Project:IDWIL has a similar mission, but approaches the problem slightly differently in that more emphasis is put on "connection through inspiration." Many professionals can describe their job to me in an effective and educational manner, but IDWIL seeks to inspire others by highlighting why the speakers absolutely love their jobs. So, not only am I seeking the people who need help finding the right job, I am also on the search for people who are passionate about their jobs. If this is you, let's connect!

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