Your Audience is "Everyone"? Seriously?

+Project:IDWIL may be short-sighted with regard to figure out who its audience is. I realize that. 

However, as I try to narrow things down a bit, I can truly justify "everyone" as my audience.

  • Kids as young as pre-school see how the world currently works whether it is mom and dad going to work or Sesame Street having characters that represent how they are part of their community.
  • Older students observe, think about, and get asked "what are you gonna be when you grow up?"
  • Young adults and adults alike participate in various communities - sometimes as a result of being swept along by the current of life, sometimes by active participation. 

Everyone can be inspired by something at any moment and everyone has the potential to inspire others at any moment.

Project:IDWIL is about leveraging that fact and creating a platform to make the inspirations happen!

I was fortunate that a great IDWIL-esque snippet came to me today as I was listening to an audiobook.

Pretty Cool Guy: Seth Godin

Pretty Cool Guy: Seth Godin

Cool dude and great thinker: Seth Godin - www.sethgodin.com - from his book The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? Seth Godin makes a profound explanation of this (Seth, I listened via audiobook, so if I get the punctuation wrong, I apologize!):

"College started as a community of masters and scholars. It was a refuge. It was a place you went to get lost in ideas...to discover, and wander, and plot a course as an academic. Today, it is a place you go to exchange a lifetime of debt for credit hours, a degree, and (maybe) a good job."

If you read just the last sentence, you might think "yes, this is how things work, and it kinda sucks, but I guess that is just how it is." But when you read this as a comparison to the first part of Seth's thought, don't you now think "there IS an alternative! well, let's figure out how to change things up!"?? I did. It is from a gut feeling I had well before I read this that I knew +Project:IDWIL was at least a piece of the solution to change things up. Maybe you can't necessarily go back in time, but you can use the lessons learned from the past to make a new future.

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