Mike Johnston - Drummer & Inspirer

One of my favorite podcasts is called "The Kick-Ass Life With David Wood." David is one of these guys who is a "trainer of trainers." Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, law of attraction advocate, and most importantly to me, sincere. In a recent podcast, he interviewed Mike Johnston, a former professional drummer who has become an online drum instructor - so not your standard fare.

From the get-go, this one got to me. First, I listened and thought "this (Mike Johnston) guy sounds like someone I need to have on my list of people to get an interview with for Project:IDWIL." He said things like:

...that’s one of the misconceptions with most of my fans/virtual students - they think my passion is my instrument, and that’s definitely not the case. My instrument is my hobby. My passion is delivering education or information to other people in maybe a way that they’ve just never had delivered to them before.
— Mike Johnston interviewed by David Wood

How cool is that? Not only do I want him on IDWIL, I need to eventually give him credit for helping me develop an amazing way to explain what IDWIL is all about. 

The rest of the interview just bolstered the sincerity and purity of Mike - he is humble, grateful, introspective, and altruistic. He talked about being inspired by TED. He talked about his wife's search for her passion. He talked about building his business in an authentic way. Mixed up in the middle of the interview, he said something that made me think "I need to meet this guy. I want to pick his brain. I want to learn from him - not so much about drumming, but about life. This is the part that sealed the deal for me:

...if you took the drums away from me, I wouldn’t die. I’d still be here. If you took away explaining things to people away, I don’t want to be here anymore. So, it’s almost a life and death thing for me...
— Mike Johnston

Yet another example of what Project:IDWIL is about - explained better than I possibly could all by myself. Definitely worth the 56 minutes it takes to listen to the podcast!