Mia's Art & No Permission

Here is Mia. In case you hadn't read this before, she is a big part of this blog/website. In this image, we are getting ready to go to preschool on an average day, so you will just have to accept the fact that it's a quick snap with the ole' iPhone 4S.

Mia's "My Book of School"

Mia's "My Book of School"

The backstory on this one is about how our kids inspire us - even when we think we are the ones guiding them. Lately I have been checking out a lot of podcasts, audiobooks, and blogs about personal development. I mean, I am  having to deal with transition with my employment, and I am striving to make Project:IDWIL and other projects work, so it only makes sense. One of those recurring themes that pops up - succinctly put by Seth Godin - is that you shouldn't be held back by the thought that you need permission to do something new or different. Mia's actions are the perfect example for this and she has inspired me by just being herself.

So that little booklet that she is holding? It's an amazing work of art.

Sometimes we get in the routine of helping Mia spell out the stuff that she is writing. The weekend that she made this, the routine was no different, but it was amazing to see how it grew. She started with a couple of pieces of construction paper and cut them in half. She wrote the alphabet on one, and entitled it "Letters." She did the same for "Numbers," "Colors," "Senses," "Family," "Things on the Earth," "Feelings," "Friends," and maybe a few more. The cover, back cover, and inside covers all had their own theme, and the whole thing came together as "My Book of School." It took a couple of days (and about 4 rolls of scotch tape!) to get done.

The point to all of this - as you are saying "okay, your kid made a crafty project - this happens like only millions of times a day!"?

The thing that hit me was that Mia just made it . She didn't say, "hey Dad, I have an idea for a book..." and then explain her concept to see if it was a good idea. She had her idea, ran with it, and as new ideas came up, she rolled them in. If a page she made was 'off,' she either started it over or left it out. When she needed help spelling something or coming up with other examples for her pages, she asked. That's it! Simple. And in the end, she had this book that she made - it was completed and she was free to move on to the next thing. 

I need to take a lesson from this. Life and projects and big ideas just need to be done. If you are stalled and think that you need permission to pursue something, then let me just say "Hi! I'm Jake. Whatever project that you want to start - I give you permission to run with it. It may not change a big part of the world (at first), but it definitely won't change the world if it just stays stuck in your head as a 'great idea!' So go do it."

Right now. Go do it. Then leave a comment here about what you did. If it is really good, then contact me and you can be in an IDWIL interview!