[#MosaicMonday] World-Famous Jazz Guitarist Ferenc Snetberger

Okay, let me explain #MosaicMonday really quickly.

In order to add a little organization to this blog as we move forward, I thought that I could develop some themes to repeat from week to week. The first of these themes is #MosaicMonday. The idea is that Mondays will be reserved for posts, links, videos, and other  various forms of media that convey "IDWIL" in a less direct way. Since starting this project, it is amazing how one way I now categorize life experiences in my head is whether of not something is IDWIL-esque. (Kind of like noticing how many people drive the same car that you do once you get a new car.) 

For example, today, I have an article below that may not immediately be 100% IDWIL, but by reading it in combination with other #MosaicMonday pieces, you will undoubtedly get a clearer 'big picture' of Project:IDWIL.

Link to the original article: http://bit.ly/12cj24a

A short article that tells a cool story about a jazz guitarist who used his prestige to come full circle and give back to kids in a way that he would have wished was available to him when he started. 

Snetberger and one of his students.

Snetberger and one of his students.