Is Project:IDWIL Worth Sharing?


Okay folks, time to walk the walk. Right now, this is mainly a blog. In the coming months, it will becoming a growing video library. In the coming year, it will be a tool to help "Mine & align" your passions/values/motivations to lead to a happier life.

You are my early adopters, and if you are coming to this sight, then please know I am grateful for your attention. More than that, I am open to you input. To help get the ball rolling, I created a quick poll.

Who is someone you know that you will share Project:IDWIL with?
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See how easy that was? Thanks for your input. 

Ha! I tricked you! now actually share this site with the person you just voted for!

Also, now that I have you in a particiaptory mood, please click the Subscribe button below. Ultimately, this means that new posts and information come straight to your inbox (about 3 times per week) instead of you having to come allthe way back here. It is a sweet deal.