Just a quick thought today. I was listening to a podcast in which the interviewee was able to concisely word something that I have recently been thinking of / dealing with - recognition. Now, the whole podcast wasn't about recognition...in fact, it was just a blurb that, had my thoughts drifted for just a minute, I might have missed.

The setup: the speaker, Dan Martell, is successful now, but when he was 18 or so, found himself in jail for a second time - it was just kind of his life at the time.

...one of the guards came up to me and essentially asked me why I was there, and I kinda laughed because I was obviously there for specific reasons. He went on to say that he had been watching me interact and he kind of felt like I didn’t belong. Which was the first time in my life that I had somebody believe in me. You know, I always felt like I was a good person, but obviously my actions didn’t reflect that...

Okay, so maybe he didn't necessarily come up with the concise version - I must have done that, because as I listened to him, I thought of some strangely coincidental things that my wife is dealing with as well as what I am dealing with looking for a new job. So the concise version (even perhaps shareable, ahem) is:

Providing recognition to someone who is in a good place is great support – a pat on the back; providing recognition to someone who is in a dark place can be life-changing