Girl Games


I love +Kickstarter. Whether it is me trying to figure out to see if it is an avenue I can pursue to start +Project:IDWIL or just browsing, I can't help but love the idea of communities coming together to create stuff that might otherwise live only as someone's 'great new business idea.' You literally vote with your dollar, and I've always liked that idea. One Kickstarter project I backed is GoldieBlox, which is a product designed by a female engineer that saw the shortage of toys that teach engineering principles and are approached to speak to female users. Just because you make building toys pink doesn't do the job! You need to look at how little girls think and learn first. I am especially sensitive to this as I have two young daughters that I am proud/psyched/stressed to think about how I can help develop into happy healthy strong young women.

When the GoldieBlox Kickstarter project first hit,the Atlantic wrote a great article about the story. After reading that, I went to the project page and knew that I was "in." I have two young daughters and I love the idea of giving them not only a new toy, but also being part of the bigger experiment that the creator, Debbie Sterling, has proposed. Debbie is a great example of someone "doing what she loves." Then on top of that, her product is an example of something that can expose girls to a career that they may not have ever given a second chance.

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